Competition/ Performance Team

The Acro Dance Academy of Western New York recommends everyone to join our performance/competition teams! We have a place for you. All ages and levels welcomed! No one will be turned away as long as they put in their best effort  ! We do have placements to make sure each individual is placed where they will shine the most. Please contact us if you would like more information. We have lots of fantastic things already planned!

                                    Our Competition/ Performance Team Philosophy

Our competition/ Performance mentality is a positive one. Its about the wonderful experiences. A  positive approach produces a positive outcome, There is always something higher that we want to achieve. We want all of our acro dancers to focus on their personal best and its not about winning. For us , competition will always be about motivating , inspiring, and educating dancers in a positive environment. Its not just about making great acro dancers ( we will) but it is to help shape these acrodancers both mentally and physically so that they continue their path to be amazing human beings. Our commitment levels vary and so does pricing. There is a place for all Acro Academy Dancers on our team. Contact us today about how to take the next step.

                            SOME  BENEFITS TO BEING PART OF OUR TEAM                        

      Some Benefits to joining our Competition/ Performance Team

        Make new friends and form ever lasting bonds with teammates

    Learning to work as a team

Learning and gaining Respect and Discipline

                                                              Learning stage  presence

            Being on the fastest track to progress with a positive growth mindset and safety first

                                                                         So much more