Finding my voice, with the beat in my feet and my body in motion.By Sonya Charette-Bodo/Feb 4, 2020

Path to finding my voice / February 2020

As a young child in a room full of people I was terrified, many would call it being shy. I would often hide in a corner and even under a table.

Meeting new people became uncomfortable as I could not even say my own name. I cannot describe the feeling knowing that as soon as I would speak it was going to be a disaster. What kind of disaster? The feeling of humiliation when the person would back away or finish my words for me, maybe even have that look on their face or even chuckle or mock me. I would rather have someone speak for me at any time!

At a very young age my doctor told my parents that I had a speech impediment. The speech impediment that is more commonly known as stuttering.

At home I loved music and loved to move to it, I also liked to sing!

At the age of 2 my family had enrolled me in my first baton/movement/ dance class. It was where I became not just a shy, awkward, girl who stuttered but for the first time I could express myself with music and movement. People began to notice me and for the first time people wanted to listen.

Later the transition into school was brutal but I could always rely on my safe place of dance. The more I danced, the more confident I became and the more people saw me for whom I really was.

Yes, of course I was bullied! Life was never easy for me and I understood that it was never going to be. I had decided that I was going to overcome all of it and I had to prove it not only to myself but to others around me as well.

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