Classes Offered


 All acro dance classes include : Stength,Flexibility,Balancing, Limbering, Tumbling , and Partnering that are appropriate for each age / level fused with dance movement and music. In acro dance we learn new skills on mats and graduate to dancing full out on the dance floor with a focus on safety first!
Care giver & Me -Pre-acro- 18months - 2 years old
Music, movement, and fun!
Care giver & Me - 3 & 4 years old
Little acrobats soar in this program! Foundations of acro with a twist of creativity is always blast!
Start to explore life upside down! This class is always full of excitement and  structured with a strict plan that lets the acro dance progress wonderfully!
Once you have mastered the basics of bridges, back bends & stands its time to kickover! Walkovers & MORE! Explore new tumbling & different partner stunts! This class is full of energy!
BIG AIR ! Learn how to fly high! Lets start working on Aerials and handsprings and much more! Exhilarating class! Hand to hand balancing, balance canes are introduced.
Elite- Take your acro dance to a whole new level ! Variations, contortion along with fancy partnering different tumbling, and polishing your technique !


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